Thu 8th Jul, 2021


Dear ONE INSTANT Shooters,

Welcome to the first-ever installment of our new 'Pro Tips' series!

Over the last couple years we've developed several methods of getting improved results with ONE INSTANT film, and instead of keeping them to ourselves we decided it was time to share them with the community. We plan to make this a regular thing, and of course we would also love to hear feedback and/or suggestions from anyone who has a bright idea to share; just fire off an email to us at


Our first pro tip is something we call print washing, and as you'll see, it's about as simple as it sounds. 

You may have experienced that the surface of a ONE INSTANT print can sometimes takes on a matte surface charasteric after it has dried. According to the 20x24 Studio, this effect is known as 'salting out' and is caused by the formation of potassium hydroxide crystals originating from the reagent chemistry. It is more pronounced when the coating of reagent (a.k.a. the goo in the pods) is thicker on the print, though it also seems to get better or worse somewhat randomly between different batches of reagent chemistry.


Whatever the true cause of it is, we don't really like it. The good news is, there is a simple way to get rid of it!





1. Turn on a cold water tap and set it to a moderate output level. Avoid high pressure or a too violent flow; this might damage the print surface.


2. Rinse the print thoroughly for around 10 to 15 seconds. Hold the print relatively close to the tap so that it gently and completely floods the surface.

3. Hang the print to dry in a dust free environment, ideally at an angle so that the water runs down to a single corner. Never touch the surface of the print while it's wet. 


4. Once dried, the matte effect should be eliminated, or at least greatly improved.You have gone from matte to gloss!



Now, for a few caveats and important pointers...

Once the print has gotten wet, the image layer is extremely fragile. You must be exceedingly careful with how you handle it to avoid ruining your precious instant photograph.

Rinsing the print for more than 20 seconds becomes very risky. ONE INSTANT prints are not like darkroom prints and therefore should not be subjected to water for significant lengths of time. As soon as the print becomes wet, the image layer gets saturated and is in a very delicate state. Treat it kindly.

Once the print is hanging, you might notice that the image layer has swelled in places, exhibiting very strange relief patterns. Don't worry, once it is dry these will disappear.


Lastly, in some of our tests, we came across prints that were not completely fixed by this method. We are left scratching our heads, but have concluded that these examples of matte effect or salting out must be due to some other phenomenon. The mysteries never cease...


We hope you found this helpful, and we hope you try out this very simple method for enhancing the quality of your ONE INSTANT prints!


Experiment, have fun, but just don't end up like this guy...


Pre-Orders are Caught Up!

Wed 28th Oct, 2020

Just a quick bit of good news,


All pre-orders (save for a few USA stragglers which will be fulfilled in the coming 2 weeks) are caught up! 

That means ONE INSTANT orders now ship as soon as they are placed.



Celebration & ONE INSTANT Merch

Fri 25th Sep, 2020

Dear Packfilm Saviors,

It's been a challenging spring and summer for, well... basically everyone on Earth I guess. But in spite of all the doom and gloom, the ONE INSTANT team would like to brighten things up with a bit of good news.

This September we have officially completed our inaugural Kickstarter campaign, which saw over 2000 backers receiving nearly 20,000 ONE INSTANT film cartridges. This represents a giant step towards a long-term future for peel-apart instant film, and although I'll admit we didn't win any awards for speediness, our belief is that slow and steady always wins the race!

The community behind us makes this all possible, and they (you!) cannot be thanked enough. The support, the encouragement, and most importantly the photographs from the last year and a half have been amazing. Thank you all!

As we rush to finish up the final North & South American pre-orders, which will be leaving Europe September 30th, to be distributed by Retrospekt in early October, we'd like to do something to celebrate...


We've teamed up with our friend (and talented ceramicist) Rici @ricisart to screenprint some very special ONE INSTANT t-shirts and bags, with all profits going directly to support our efforts to save packfilm.


There's a number of things that make these bags & shirts so special. For starters, Rici has sourced top quality fair-trade gear, and uses only eco-friendly inks.  As you'd expect, every piece will be hand printed in the SUPERSENSE manufactory.


But what we think is one of the coolest things is how we made the design itself. Lemme explain...

Screenprint/Silkscreen 101: A screenprinting screen is produced by coating a fine cloth mesh with a light-sensitive emulsion. This coating hardens when exposed to UV light, rendering it insoluble. When certain parts are protected from the UV light, they remain soluble and can be washed away later. With this simple technique, you can expose a screen to almost any kind of pattern or image, wash away the soluble aprts, and voila, you have created a printing matrix that allows ink to pass through in some places and not in others.

So typically these days, people are using digital intermediates to accomplish this, but we've opted for a decidedly more analog approach...

Using actual ONE INSTANT production parts!


The parts were simply laid out on the screen and we flicked on the exposure lamp. We then had a perfect 1:1 contact print of our parts on the screen, which means, if you wanna get philosophical, that when you get your shirt or bag, it has been in direct contact with a screen that was in direct contact with our production parts here in Vienna. Jeez, it's like you were basically here!


But seriously, we wanted a design that celebrated the step-by-step way that ONE INSTANT is being developed and assembled. We wanted a tangible reminder that our product is truly made ONE INSTANT AT A TIME. We also thought this line was a cool bit of Lebensweisheit.


Now to be honest, we're not sure what to expect with this foray into the world of apparel.  We're not exactly a clothing company, and because of that, we've decided to dip our feet in slowly and test the waters a bit.

What that means is, we'll be offering the t-shirts and bags for a limited time only. About 2 weeks. Then, once all the orders are placed, we will order precisely the materials we need, print them all, and get them shipped out within 4 weeks.

Now I know what you're thinking.... is this going to be another long and drawn out pre-order process?! The answer is NO. Scout's promise. Rici is a pro, and we're all set up to rock as soon as the orders are in.

If you're reading this, the t-shirts and bags  are already for sale on our website, and the sale will end at 11:59pm on Sunday, October 11th, PDT (that's Pacific Daylight Time, or UTC -7).

If this sale is a success and people actually like our funky shirts and bags, we will definitely keep doing it. We're already dreaming up new designs... and of course we'd love to hear your input!  As always, feel free to write to for any and all ONE INSTANT related things.

Well, as I am wont to do, I've said enough by now... but get 'em while you can, get 'em while they're hot, get 'em while they're still wet & drying, and tell your friends!



On behalf of the whole ONE INSTANT and SUPERSENSE team,

Instantly Yours,



ONE INSTANT Production Manager



It's a blog! It's an update! It's... NEWS!

Wed 9th Sep, 2020



This is the new platform for keeping up to date with all things ONE INSTANT.

Upon completion of our Kickstarter project in the summer of 2020, we figured it was right & proper to have a right & proper place to share updates, talk shop, discuss complex nuances, and generally spread the news about our continued efforts to save pack-film and keep it alive in the 21st century.

We hope you bookmark this here page and check back often.  We plan to provide regular monthly updates (at least), and hopefully even more frequently than that, assuming we have real exciting stuff to discuss.


Best wishes from all of us at SUPERSENSE and ONE INSTANT,

Chris Holmquist; ONE INSTANT Production Manager