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In spring 2016 Fuji announced termination of the world's last instant packfilm production line. Supersense founder Florian Kaps - who previously saved Polaroid film with The Impossible Project - immediately started looking for ways to save this iconic film material as well.

With united forces and outside the box thinking we developed a completely new approach, just and very precisely based on exactly what we had - and inspired by Edwin H. Land's quote "Any problem can be solved using the materials in the room."

ONE INSTANT is NOT a CLASSIC PACKFILM but a next generation instant film, based on a new, radical concept, not even daring to compete with the classic film legends of packfilm history, hand-made in a small manufactory together with carefully selected partners, designed to be used in ALL these thousands of legendary classic type 100 packfilm cameras out there.

ONE INSTANT is based on a new, radical concept. It's not a classic packfilm but a next generation type 100 instant film that doesn't even dare to compete with the classic film legends of packfilm history. Let us take you through the main differences and innovations between the past and the future:



Black plastic cartridge produced in large factories using injection moulding.

One Instant

Eco-friendly paper cartridge, developed and designed by Uwe Mimoun in cooperation with Christiane Menardi , punched and delivered from our German print partners Christian & Cornelius Rüss, hand-assembled in Vienna.



Complex "origami-style" folded system holding 10 negative/positive pairs in one cartridge.

One Instant

Simplified one-shot system designed to scale the production of packfilm for today's demand.



Large packfilm factories worldwide with giant machines, all of them shut down and scrapped after Polaroid and Fujifilm decided to end packfilm production.

One Instant

Manually assembled at our manufactory in Vienna, consisting of a darkroom for all production steps that need darkness (mainly the insertion of the negative into the lightproof paper cartridge), a daylight assembly room and an all analog printshop for production of our hand-made packaging.



The history of packfilm boxing saw many design classics, created by legendary designers such as our friend Paul Giambarba.

One Instant

We deliver our sealed film in a hand-crafted, high quality cardboard box, beautifully designed by Annamaria Tatu, paying tribute to the history of packfilm whilst striving for a new freshness. Above and beyond, our packaging boxes are suited both for storage as well as for presentation - as they're simply too gorgeous to end up in the trash.



Designed to be used in all legendary classic type 100 packfilm cameras.

One Instant

See Classic.


To re-produce a new generation packfilm without the need of huge factory spaces and giant machines (designed for the production of many millions of films by hundreds of workers, decades ago) we had to develop a completely new production approach.

In our all new, tiny, besproke, dream-come-true manufactory our team will perform all ONE INSTANT production steps - consisting of a beautiful daylight assembly room, a small darkroom for all production steps that need darkness (mainly the insertion of the negative into the lightproof paper cartridge) and an all analog printshop for manufacturing our hand-made packaging and communication materials.

With the exception of the supply of some external photographic materials as well as some base material for our packaging (sealing foil and paper) we're able to perform and perfect each and every step of our new production process in-house with our team and a small assortment of classic equipment combined with some sophisticated new machines, furniture and tools.


ONE INSTANT will be launched in various limited editions, all of them being single-shot films, supplied to you in a sealed, pre-loaded, lightproof eco-friendly paper cartridge, designed to be used in ALL these thousands of legendary classic type 100 packfilm cameras out there.

One Instant Product
One Instant Sample


The first edition of our all new ONE INSTANT film series will be made of original Polaroid P7 material supplied by our fantastic partners from the 20x24 Studio in Ashland, MA: John Reuter, Ted McLelland and Nafis Azad. They rescued this material in 2008, carefully stored the positive and negative in giant roles and Ted started mixing a simply amazing new reagent for super fresh magic pods at their laboratory in Ashland.


  • Film speed: ISO 100
  • Development time: 3 minutes
  • Balanced for average daylight (5500 °K)
  • Negative non bleachable
  • Finish: glossy
  • Works with all cameras that are using Polaroid or Fuji type 100 peel-apart film


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