“Just the things we really love”

This is our warm invitation to join us cooking, sharing, discussing and celebrating the things we currently love the most. Not just our very favorite ingredients, recipes, wines and liquids but also our dreams and visions about things we trust and believe in because they do make us feel good and do smell like magic.

We carefuly converted Top 6 of our Venetian SUPERSENSE Palace into an all analog private Salon and Dining Room, centered by a big table with an intergated "Fließband".

Exactly 18 people can join us for exactly 18 nights during Season 1.

We are not a restaurant trying hard to fullfill your highest expectations but rather a place to contradict the so called normal and create experiences that inspire and make you feel and think.

But enough of digital submitted words to tickle your curiosity. Very much looking forward to meeting you in person soon. And please bring your friends, parents, kids, partners and whoever might be looking for some real magic moments after 2345 zoom meetings.

Wir freuen uns
Andi, Matthias, Doc