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How it works

The Smell Memory Starter Box includes everything you need to discover the magic memory power of your nose: A. The pristine SMK AMULET, made out of solid metal, which you need to carry a SMK AMPULE with you wherever you go from now on. B. some accessories to connect your AMULET with your bag or even wear it around your neck like a valuable bracelet. and C. 3 AMPULES filled with the same kind of ABSTRACT SMELL.

Abstract smells are smells which we developed and synthesized artificially and therefore have NOT YET been connected with any memories so far. The SMK enables you to carry these smells with you, perfectly protected in the metal SMELL MEMORY AMULET, designed by our friend, the acclaimed designer Tino Valentinitsch. Whenever you want to eternally record and memorize a moment, you just break open the SMELL KIT AMPULE, release the abstract smell molecules and take a deep breath.

From now on this smell will bring back the memory and the emotion of this very moment each and every time you re-open your AMULET and take a deep breath. Whenever the smell of the opened AMPULE is slowly getting weaker over time, you simply replace it with another AMPULE of your starter KIT.

The Story

The SMELL MEMORY KIT has been invented and developed by the famous smell scientist Sissel Tolaas (SSSL) in close cooperation with SUPERSENSE.

Based on an increasing selection of Ampules containing abstract smells, it uses carefully selected components from the world famous SSSL smell archive.

Our society and culture have traditionally been dominated by the visual in a world of total antisepsis. However vision distances us clearly from the object. We frame "views" in pictures and camera lenses; the likelihood of an intellectual rather than an emotional response is considerable. By contrast, smells surround us, penetrate the body and permeate the immediate environment so that our responses are much more likely to involve strong affect.

SO WE THINK it is time to start creating the tools for the most effective and most emotional snapshots ever. Capturing and preserving your dearest and most important memories in a much deeper way than ever before, using your sense of smell.